Gabriel Chaney

Software Engineer & Leader


Technology is a tool to connect the humans building it (development teams) with the humans using it (users/customers). I love to help, lead, and build in that space.


  • Leadership
    Team formation Mentoring Scrum
  • Web
    Ruby on Rails Angular.js ASP.NET MVC HTML/CSS
  • Backend
    Distributed systems architecture Microservices Publish/subscribe RabbitMQ Redis Ruby


Senior Software Engineer, Philips 2020-01 — Present

  • Guiding team through updating our legacy systems to scale with increased number of patients
  • Exploring Kubernetes as a way to loosen coupling on our cloud infrastructure

Senior Software Engineer, Medumo 2018-03 — 2019-12

Acquired by Philips in May 2019.

  • Driving microservice development across the team through patterns and technology from message bus for communication to Terraform modules for re-useable infrastructure creation
  • Leveling-up gaps in process from branching strategies (e.g. gitflow) to documentation (e.g. repo readme's, plantUML) to improved CI/CD definitions (e.g. pipeline yaml over UI)
  • Mentoring an amazing group of newer engineers using tools from paired programming to code reviews to a weekly Design Day meeting

Software Engineer, HomeLight 2018-01 — 2018-03

Engineering Manager, RetailMeNot 2017-12 — Present

ScrumRuby on Rails HerokuPostgreSQLRabbitMQ RedisNewRelicMicroservices SentryPapertrailSwift BitriseReact NativePhoenix/Elixir

I assumed a manager role in August. I have the privilege of empowering a growing number of engineers in a new office through many technical and cultural changes. I also helped lead the team to ship APIs and products critical in the first year of acquisition.

  • Played a pivotal role in doubling the total team size in the first year of acquisition
  • Designed and shipped an alpha and private beta of a new mobile product
  • Created plan to deliver first Phoenix/Elixir API and drove plan to completion
  • Organized the team to decide on tech for a mobile app which resulted in a working prototype of a React Native Android app in a week
  • Counseled a lead engineer through rallying a team to tackle some significant scaling issues
  • Guided team through acquisition changes

Senior Software Engineer, RetailMeNot 2016-04 — 2016-08

ScrumRuby on Rails HerokuPostgreSQLRabbitMQ RedisNewRelicMicroservices SentryPapertrail

This was a transitional post-acquisition position as the company calibrated to the existing team and the business direction.

  • Organized engineering group into 3 teams
  • Led teams to adopt Scrum with great success
  • Delivered initial UI that denoted acquisition
  • Worked with teams in Austin to develop initial post-acquisition roadmap

Lead Developer, Giftcard Zen 2014-04 — 2016-04

Ruby on Rails Angular.jsHerokuPostgreSQL RabbitMQRedisNewRelic MicroservicesSentryPapertrail

I transitioned from years of experience in a .NET enterprise environment to a Rails startup environment. I was able to apply many design principles I learned at NCARB (DDD, distributed system design, etc.) to guide a small team towards a microservices architecture and a continuous delivery pipeline. We were able to ship the features, survive the DDoS attacks, and be a fun united team to be acquired by RetailMenot in April 2016.

  • Built the foundation for the continuous integration and delivery pipeline
  • Shepherded architecture from monoliths towards microservices
  • Drove use of pub/sub including initiating an in-house developed open source project foundational in our architecture
  • Helped develop a scaleable interview process to build the core team
  • Developed and presented technical documentation for the RetailMeNot acquisition due-diligence team including their CTO

Software Engineer, InfernoRed Technology 2014-04 — 2013-06

C#ASP.NET MVC Entity Framework Code-FirstVisual Studio

I helped a new consulting firm build and improve software for their clients. I played a key role in answering client performance questions about their SaaS web application as well as contributed to web and mobile applications. This was a remote position that also included visiting client sites.

  • Built a heavliy customized load test suite for testing a multi-tenant app
  • Presented performance analysis and recommendations to the client VP and leads
  • Contributed to development efforts on a Windows Store app

Software Engineer, National Council of Architectural Registration Boards 2011-02 — 2013-06

C#Visual Studio Backbone.jsASP.NET MVCSQL Server Service Oriented ArchitectureDistributed transactions Publish / subscribe

I joined a newly formed team to upgrade this not-for-profit's legacy .NET applications to next-gen .NET applications. This is where I was introduced to methodologies like Scrum, Domain-Driven Design and distributed systems design. I took classes from Eric Evans (Domain-Driven Design author) and Udi Dahan (NServiceBus author).

  • Built JavaScript and CSS infrastructure for the new flagship web application
  • Facilitated collaboration between between third-party UX team and the development team
  • Promoted the use of Backbone.js to the development team
  • Recommend a better solution for the new evaluation report which resulted in a different feature roadmap

Software Engineer, Lockheed Martin 2011-02 — 2007-08

C#Visual Studio ASP.NET WebFormsjQueryHTML/CSS Fluent NHibernateSQL ServerOracle Java

I delivered my first production applications that included object-oriented designs, jQuery, ORM, and HTTP API calls.

  • Championed jQuery to the team to meet a customer request for web UI performance improvements
  • Added client web service requests to external systems which decreased HR analyst processing time from three weeks to just over one week
  • Drove changes to replace the use of stored procedures with ORM
  • Integrated with a Netconf API to configure Cisco routers

Web Developer/Salesman, Harmony House 2007-08 — 1999-03


This is where I built my first web application while I was working on my CS degree (awww). I introduced myself to CSS, HTML, PHP, and MVC through this creative process. I had so much fun learning and building.

  • Set-up local area network and point-of-sale system
  • Built store website including a custom content management system increasing piano sales by 48%
  • Sold guitars


BS E, Computer Systems Engineering, Arizona State University