Gabriel Chaney

Software Engineer & Leader


With over a decade of software engineering experience from enterprise to startups, leading teams to shipping code, joining companies to starting them, Gabe's journey and relationships have shaped him to lead humans that build technologies for the humans they provide products and services for.


Co-founder, CTO, Package Portal Inc. 2019-06 — Present

I achieved one of my long-term goals and co-founded a product company: Package Portal. This company will bring contactless delivery confirmation to the global consumer-e-commerce relationship. We will drive improved delivery quality, returning customers to the best merchants, and fun incentives to consumers including cryptocurrencies.

  • Learned React Native and Hasura GraphQL and built my first native app
  • Coordinated the creation of our initial branding, logo, and UX flows with a UX designer
  • Rallied a small team of engineers to ship V1 of the native app, backend services, and blockchain integration
  • Set-up company IT infrastructure: GSuite, Rippling, Slack, authentication, and cloud hosting

Senior Software Engineer, Philips 2020-01 — 2021-06

As my time at both Medumo and Philips progressed, I wanted to focus on growing in my vision, product, and business development skills. For example, I promoted the development of a new API as a potential internal SaaS product. This focus helped prepare me to lead my own company.

  • Guided team through updating our legacy systems to scale with increased number of patients
  • Built strong working relationships with new hires continuing to leverage my mentoring skills but with more of a product and vision focus
  • Promoted product vision for a new API that managed SMS sending and consent as a potential internal SaaS product
  • Drove cross-functional collaboration for a potential new cardiology business opportunity within the Philips product ecosystem

Senior Software Engineer, Medumo 2018-03 — 2019-12

After a long Rails/*nix dev environment, I returned to my Microsoft .NET roots but at an early stage health-tech startup this time. We were acquired by Philips in May 2019, allowing me to walk through my second startup-to-enterprise transition.

  • Driving microservice development across the team through patterns and technology from message bus for communication to Terraform modules for re-useable infrastructure creation
  • Filled gaps in process from branching strategies (e.g. gitflow) to documentation (e.g. repo readme's, plantUML) to improved CI/CD definitions (e.g. pipeline yaml over UI)
  • Refactored the core patient enrollment script-like procedure into a resuable, testable library
  • Guided a newer engineer through designing and excuting a message broadcast tool that became one of our most popular tools with clients
  • Mentored an amazing group of newer engineers using tools from paired programming to code reviews to a weekly Design Day meeting

Software Engineer, HomeLight 2018-01 — 2018-03

This was a transitional period for me leaving my first acquisition experience. I got in right after a Series A round at Homelight and realized that I wanted another early-stage startup experience to practice all I had learned.

Engineering Manager, RetailMeNot 2017-12 — Present

ScrumRuby on Rails HerokuPostgreSQLRabbitMQ RedisNewRelicMicroservices SentryPapertrailSwift BitriseReact NativePhoenix/Elixir

I assumed a manager role in August. I have the privilege of empowering a growing number of engineers in a new office through many technical and cultural changes. I also helped lead the team to ship APIs and products critical in the first year of acquisition.

  • Played a pivotal role in doubling the total team size in the first year of acquisition
  • Designed and shipped an alpha and private beta of a new mobile product
  • Created plan to deliver first Phoenix/Elixir API and drove plan to completion
  • Organized the team to decide on tech for a mobile app which resulted in a working prototype of a React Native Android app in a week
  • Counseled a lead engineer through rallying a team to tackle some significant scaling issues
  • Guided team through acquisition changes

Senior Software Engineer, RetailMeNot 2016-04 — 2016-08

ScrumRuby on Rails HerokuPostgreSQLRabbitMQ RedisNewRelicMicroservices SentryPapertrail

This was a transitional post-acquisition position as the company calibrated to the existing team and the business direction.

  • Organized engineering group into 3 teams
  • Led teams to adopt Scrum with great success
  • Delivered initial UI that denoted acquisition
  • Worked with teams in Austin to develop initial post-acquisition roadmap

Lead Developer, Giftcard Zen 2014-04 — 2016-04

Ruby on Rails Angular.jsHerokuPostgreSQL RabbitMQRedisNewRelic MicroservicesSentryPapertrail

I transitioned from years of experience in a .NET enterprise environment to a Rails startup environment. I was able to apply many design principles I learned at NCARB (DDD, distributed system design, etc.) to guide a small team towards a microservices architecture and a continuous delivery pipeline. We were able to ship the features, survive the DDoS attacks, and be a fun united team to be acquired by RetailMenot in April 2016.

  • Built the foundation for the continuous integration and delivery pipeline
  • Shepherded architecture from monoliths towards microservices
  • Drove use of pub/sub including initiating an in-house developed open source project foundational in our architecture
  • Helped develop a scaleable interview process to build the core team
  • Developed and presented technical documentation for the RetailMeNot acquisition due-diligence team including their CTO

Software Engineer, InfernoRed Technology 2014-04 — 2013-06

C#ASP.NET MVC Entity Framework Code-FirstVisual Studio

I helped a new consulting firm build and improve software for their clients. I played a key role in answering client performance questions about their SaaS web application as well as contributed to web and mobile applications. This was a remote position that also included visiting client sites.

  • Built a heavliy customized load test suite for testing a multi-tenant app
  • Presented performance analysis and recommendations to the client VP and leads
  • Contributed to development efforts on a Windows Store app

Software Engineer, National Council of Architectural Registration Boards 2011-02 — 2013-06

C#Visual Studio Backbone.jsASP.NET MVCSQL Server Service Oriented ArchitectureDistributed transactions Publish / subscribe

I joined a newly formed team to upgrade this not-for-profit's legacy .NET applications to next-gen .NET applications. This is where I was introduced to methodologies like Scrum, Domain-Driven Design and distributed systems design. I took classes from Eric Evans (Domain-Driven Design author) and Udi Dahan (NServiceBus author).

  • Built JavaScript and CSS infrastructure for the new flagship web application
  • Facilitated collaboration between between third-party UX team and the development team
  • Promoted the use of Backbone.js to the development team
  • Recommend a better solution for the new evaluation report which resulted in a different feature roadmap

Software Engineer, Lockheed Martin 2011-02 — 2007-08

C#Visual Studio ASP.NET WebFormsjQueryHTML/CSS Fluent NHibernateSQL ServerOracle Java

I delivered my first production applications that included object-oriented designs, jQuery, ORM, and HTTP API calls.

  • Championed jQuery to the team to meet a customer request for web UI performance improvements
  • Added client web service requests to external systems which decreased HR analyst processing time from three weeks to just over one week
  • Drove changes to replace the use of stored procedures with ORM
  • Integrated with a Netconf API to configure Cisco routers

Web Developer/Salesman, Harmony House 2007-08 — 1999-03


This is where I built my first web application while I was working on my CS degree (awww). I introduced myself to CSS, HTML, PHP, and MVC through this creative process. I had so much fun learning and building.

  • Set-up local area network and point-of-sale system
  • Built store website including a custom content management system increasing piano sales by 48%
  • Sold guitars


BS E, Computer Systems Engineering, Arizona State University